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"Don't be afraid of asking for help or big things"

Notus is a Steinkjer-based startup founded in 2018. The company develops horizontal wind turbines suitable for a rough Arctic climate, including low temperatures and extreme wind conditions. As a part of our alumni interview series, we asked the CEO at Notus Nils Kjenstad, to share his experience and insights about 6AM Accelerator Program ⭐️

Why did you join 6AM Accelerator Program?

We wanted to access the network of key consultants and mentors and get help with financial strategy.

What did you achieve during the program?

We optimized strategy, financing and met great mentors and consultants.

Where does your company stand today (employees, customers, partners, investment, soft funding, etc.)?

Notus has one employee, one pilot customer, approved soft funding, investors, and an almost finalized product.

How did 6AM support you during the program?

6AM put us in contact with the right people, helped to formalize strategies and assisted us in all possible ways.

Can you please share success factors, lessons learned, or mistakes that other companies in the program should avoid?

Don't be afraid of asking for help or asking for big things. With 6AM's network, the answers might not be far away.

What are your next plans?

We plan to finalize the product, get further funding and financing, build the team and grow as a company.



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