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Meet the Team: Marcus Nickelsen

At 6AM, Marcus is in charge of our accelerator program. Prior to joining 6AM, he participated in 6AM's first accelerator cohort with his own startup, Njord Robotics. Unfortunately, things didn't work out with Njord, but now he contributes to the accelerator program with his own entrepreneurial insights. He has experience with the startup community in Trondheim as the President of Gründerbrakka and as the Startup Advisor Manager at SparkNTNU. Marcus completed his Master’s degree at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship in 2020.

We have asked Marcus some questions from our «Meet the Team» series 🤩

What is your guilty pleasure?

Classic pizza Grandiosa. It’s just so good.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Memento Mori. It means «remember death» which may sound morbid, but Memento Mori is all about celebrating life. Life is precious and we are lucky to experience it. However, life is limited in time so by frequently acknowledging the inevitability of death, we must make decisions in our daily lives that make us happy and we must care for the ones we love. Memento Mori.

How do you stay grounded?

Family and friends as they have always supported me. Working out or going for a walk, as well as journaling works well for me.

Who inspires you?

Instead of being inspired by a person, I’m more inspired by a person’s skills. For example, this person is good at photography, then I try to learn that from them. Another person is talented at holding presentations and public speaking, then I look to them for inspiration for my next presentation. I hand pick bits and pieces from different persons depending on skillsets.

What is your favorite book?

I recently read «Why We Sleep» by Matthew Walker. Perhaps the most important book I’ve picked up in a while. I can also recommend to check out «The Four» by Scott Galloway. I still have them both, let me know if you want to borrow them :)

Biggest pet peeve?

People who don’t clean up after themselves. I mean, come on.

What is the most useless talent that you have?

Bingeing good TV-shows. I also eat really fast. Photo: Kristoffer Wittrup


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