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Martine Lein Skrove on DIGS Loftet and the startup arena in Trøndelag

In the beginning of 2021 we teamed up with DIGS and launched DIGS Loftet – an incubator for startups in Mid-Norway. If you missed this great news, you can read more about the project at or you can simply read an interview with Martine Lein Skrove, Community Manager at DIGS, below 👇

Who is DIGS Loftet for?

Early phase startups who want to make an impact in Trøndelag.

What is unique about DIGS-loftet?

This is an offer we've never had before. It merges the experience of being a DIGS member – the facilities and community, the 6AM network and the closeness of sitting with others in the exact same situation as you. We think it will be a great benefit.

What is the story behind DIGS-loftet? How was this idea born?

It goes back to the founding idea of DIGS; what can we do to preserve the community and ecosystem and make it fun to start your own business in town? I think the safety of knowing that you're not the odd one out is a great way to start. DIGS tends to look very professional from the outside- and it is, but it's also just people figuring out how to bring the best idea to life. It was also an opportunity to partner up with 6AM and create even more synergies for the startups we work with.

What is so special about the startups in Trøndelag?

Many of our current members started in the tech industry at NTNU, so they have a solid background and experience with what is needed. Bringing value to the region is important not only for the big actors but also for the little ones. The more startups want to make it in Trøndelag, the more attractive the region is for new people. More people want to move here when there are exciting jobs, which makes the way to succeed shorter. The side effects are enormous.

How do you see the startup arena in Mid-Norway in 5 years?

Hopefully, the capital market for startups has changed for the better. I think we'll see more startups figuring out climate-friendly solutions and more investors showing an interest.

Photo credit: DIGS


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