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6AM Alum Interview: Birdsview

Our next alumni is Birdsview, an all-in-one SaaS solution that automates and digitalizes condition assessment of wooden material through radar sensors and advanced algorithms. During the accelerator program, Birdsview has increased the customer group, started raising capital and further developed the product and technology. We have asked Olav Skogen, Co-Founder and CEO at Birdsview, a couple of questions about his experience at 6AM Accelerator.

Why did you join 6AM Accelerator Program?

We became part of 6AM Accelerator as we thought the program could provide access to experienced people and a relevant network. We hoped to get help regarding which direction we should go in the commercialization process. We also needed guidance to rig our company for financial investments, enabling Birdsview to take the next step.

Where does your company stand today (employees, customers, partners, investment, soft funding, etc.)?

Today we are three full-time and four part-time employees, have four paying pilot customers, MVP and are financed through Innovation Norway.

How did 6AM support you during the program?

Through 6AM, we have had access to skilled mentors who have helped and followed us through the program. Besides, 6AM has arranged helpful lectures and workshops.

Can you please share success factors, lessons learned, or mistakes that other companies in the program should avoid?

6AM connected us with a mentor, who has followed us through the program and given us a lot – this is something we can recommend to others.

What are your next plans?

Birdsview's further plans are to secure financing for the next phase, expand the team and test the product on a large scale with customers.

In the back, left to right: Sondre Nærland, Simen Husøy, Olav Skogen, Dinosshan Thiagarajah, Ingrid Asklund Larssen, Endre Dåvøy

In front: Heidi Lohne Brække, Johan Besse Stamnes

Photo: Olve Sigurd Steen


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