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Stian Bongard and Henning Patricksson


Current floor drain solutions have a design that does not support an optimal installation process, requiring extensive individual customization and leading to a high degree of human error. SlideDrain AS's vision is to reduce the number of water damages associated with floor drains. They have developed and patented a unique technical solution designed to make the installation of floor drains as easy, quick, and safe as possible. Their first model, Model K, will reduce the number of water damages and is modularized to replace the best-selling floor drain on the market today.

SlideDrain AS's overall goal is to become the leading supplier of user-centric floor drains in Northern Europe. They have entered into a collaboration with Norway's largest plumbing wholesaler, Brødrene Dahl AS, owned by Saint Gobain.

SlideDrain has a need for expertise in early-phase production and logistics. They also want input on financing strategy and valuation as they will develop a strategy for future issuances during the accelerator, with the first issuance taking place in Q1 2021. For further progress, they also want advice on how best to set up, follow up, and exploit a collaboration with such a large customer and player as Brødrene Dahl.

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