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Magnus Midttun and Christian Fredrik Nagell.


In online retail of fashion and sports products, up to 50% of all purchased items are returned by the customer. Since online stores pay 10.7% in customs duties on most goods shipped to Norway, each returned item represents a lost expense for online stores.

All online stores have the opportunity to get a refund of customs duties for returned goods, but very few use this opportunity today. This is because the application process requires extensive documentation from the goods' shipping process. This places high demands on online stores' data management if they are to generate valid documentation.

Skypass is a cloud-based platform for online stores that collects and processes large amounts of shipping and customs clearance data. The solution provides online stores with the necessary documentation to apply for a full customs refund for all returned goods. The solution is the first on the market and is groundbreaking for online stores. Skypass has just launched the product commercially and is working to commercialize the solution.

The team is composed of developers from computer technology at NTNU and business developers from NTNU's School of Entrepreneurship. Together, they want to revolutionize the logistics and forwarding industry by offering modern, fast and easy data processing.

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