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Njord Robotics








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Henning Stenersen, Marcus Nickelsen and Vidar Melstveit


Njord Robotics

Today, fish tanks are cleaned manually between each fish batch. This causes production downtime, poor HSE for employees, and reduced biological safety for fish. Njord Robotics develops autonomous underwater cleaning drones for land-based aquaculture facilities. The drones operate continuously and proactively, keeping fish tanks and water treatment units clean at all times. Njord Robotics' goal is to eliminate the need for manual cleaning entirely and ensure more efficient, sustainable, and biologically secure land-based fish farming. They will offer the drones as a service where farmers pay a fixed monthly fee per active drone in the facility.

Njord Robotics needs expertise in Intellectual Property for further development. They also want to spar with someone with practical experience in product development for manufacturing. Recruitment and employer branding are the next steps for Njord Robotics, and they need assistance in recruiting talented people, preferably from someone who has done a similar process before.

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