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Mia Health






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Back row: Simen Haugan, Thomas Fremo, Alf Egil Edvardsen, and Valeria Gaitan.
Front row: Kent Rønning, Demah Alsinan, Bård Skaslien, and Anders Revdal.


Mia Health

Mia Health makes it easy for everyone to make choices that lead to better health and quality of life. With NTNU and Sintef in our backs, we are developing a digital twin that mirrors the health of each user and provides research-based lifestyle advice that works. Mia Health will deliver the future's proactive health solution for individuals, healthcare and society!

Good health and quality of life are not just about having a healthy and disease-free body. It is also about lowering stress levels and enjoying everyday life, about physical and mental energy, and performance both socially and at work.

The first version of the Mia Health app will be released in April. It gives individuals and businesses a healthier everyday life that prevents all the most common lifestyle diseases - before they end up in the healthcare system. Mia Health combines unique technology with human resources and creates activity motivation that lasts a lifetime.

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