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Daniel Hansen, Marcus Balcon, and Scott A. Brekke


The construction industry is a major contributor to climate change, accounting for 40% of global CO2 emissions. A lack of data and inefficient resource management are key challenges in reducing these emissions.

Leasi is working towards a future where all construction equipment can be shared within the construction industry. We are developing a rental and resource management system for companies that distribute equipment internally or externally. This system will provide professional construction equipment rental companies and contractors with a complete overview of their fleet, with the ability to allocate or rent equipment to projects and customers. The system handles all core operations from A to Z, with access to central data on machines and finances.

Leasi is currently in the process of launching the first prototype of its rental and resource management system for professional construction equipment rental companies. We are also in dialogue with Norway's largest contractors to deliver a version of the system that meets their needs. 

We recently won a half-million innovation project with Oslo Municipality for the sharing and management of equipment in Oslo schools, which will be an exciting basis for our future development!

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