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Bryte Batteries










Brian Stead, Besart Olluri, Leah Elisabeth Thorstensen and Olav Tjeldnes.


Bryte Batteries

The increasing installation of intermittent power sources requires utility-scale energy storage, but current technologies are too expensive and/or not suitable for large-scale use. Bryte AS is working for a future where everyone, both in and outside of Norway, has access to clean, affordable, and renewable energy. Large-scale batteries can be used to overcome challenges with weather conditions, as well as outdated and undersized power grids, but current batteries are expensive and resource-intensive. That's why Bryte AS has developed a battery for large-scale energy storage that is cheap, has a long lifespan, and can be largely recycled.

Bryte wants to sell the batteries with service agreements to, among others, power companies so that they can store surplus energy from renewable sources for future use. In order to attract partners and financing, they need help with project planning on a general basis. Therefore, it is important that they have a planning tool with a financial plan. In addition, Bryte needs leadership skills and someone with entrepreneurial experience. For further development, Bryte wants to hire someone, but they do not know what competence needs they need to fill.

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