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Back row, left to right: Olve Steen, Olav Skogen, Johan Besse Stamnes, Odd Eirik Igland, Sondre Nærland. Front row: Endre Dåvøy, Dinosshan Thiagarajah, Ingrid Asklund Larssen, Simen Husøy


Power distribution infrastructure is more important than ever. Today, wooden poles are a central part of this infrastructure worldwide. These wooden poles rot internally and can eventually break. The condition of the power grid is a major concern for network operators responsible for its operation and maintenance. The industry lacks tools to both detect rot and analyze its impact on the strength of wooden poles, resulting in 70% of the poles currently being replaced that could have stood for 10-40 years longer.

Birdsview combines radar technology, proprietary algorithms, and artificial intelligence to efficiently and accurately assess the condition of the power grid. This contributes to reduced costs and a more secure power supply. Birdsview currently has four market-leading and paying pilot customers and has secured funding until Q3 2021. Through the accelerator program, Birdsview will develop a product version that can be sold to pilot customers.

The company needs expertise in financing strategy and fundraising to secure funding for further growth, as well as expertise in business development and B2B sales to help the company commercialize its product.

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