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Back row: Mathias Pettersen, Sivaranjith Sivarasa, Bjarte Knobel, Benedicte-Elise Foldnes, Sophie Irgens. Front: Petter Kildebo, Yanislav Zagorov og Magnus Tidemann.


When an office space is vacant, property companies need to provide early-stage floor plans to potential tenants, tailored to their specific requirements. At the same time, all regulatory requirements for the area must be met. In the initial phase, tenants often consider several alternative office spaces to find the one that best matches their requirements. This leads to competition between property companies to be able to quickly provide a tenant with an offer.

In this phase, property companies must find a suitable architect/technical drawer and must conduct a number of meetings before they agree on how the area will be designed. Property managers characterize this process as very resource-intensive in terms of time and cost, where the first initial floor plans are not in place until after 1-2 weeks.

Arealize is developing software that allows non-technical users to automatically generate early-stage floor plans that are tailored to the space, the customer, and regulatory requirements. The software will optimize the use of office space through parametric design and shorten the procurement process for new tenants of commercial buildings. Arealize aims to become a leader in the analysis and visualization of floor plans, with the goal of building a sustainable growth company that creates jobs for existing teams and others.

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