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Arctic Protein




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The Arctic Protein team.


Arctic Protein

Arctic Protein produces sustainable raw materials for the feed industry through insect production. The team of six students has established a 600 square meter pilot factory in Trondheim, approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, where we are already in the process of insect production.

Our main goal is to offer an environmentally friendly solution for the aquaculture industry by transforming organic waste from food producers into high-quality insect-based protein. This process helps reduce waste and creates a circular business model that is efficient, sustainable, and of higher quality than current alternatives.

Arctic Protein stands out by combining waste management with the production of valuable feed ingredients, making us a relevant and timely player in a market that increasingly focuses on sustainability and localization.

We have been granted two research projects (from RFF and the Norwegian Agricultural Authority) worth 1,000,000 NOK, in addition to 1,500,000 NOK in soft funding and awards, which have so far funded the project.

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