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Einar Gjellan and Rasmus Thunem.


More than 50% of all sick leave in Norway is due to musculoskeletal disorders. The disorder is the most common cause of disability in the West, and thus carries with it enormous social and economic challenges. Despite this, healthcare professionals working with musculoskeletal disorders have no good tools for performing objective movement analysis.

Today's technology for motion analysis is very expensive and cumbersome to use, and is therefore only found in advanced motion laboratories.

By combining knowledge from motion and data science, Apiir aims to create the future of motion analysis tools based on machine vision technology.

Apiir's software analyzes images and videos from smartphones and provides users with insights into parameters that describe the quality of movement. In the first phase, the software is built as a decision support tool for physiotherapists and personal trainers. This gives the professional groups easy access to objective motion data as decision support in the choice of training exercises and in the measurement of progression. This increases the client's motivation and ability to follow through, which in turn helps them achieve their goals.

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