FAQ - Accelerator Program

Who are we looking for?

• Early stage, up to pre-seed • Dedicated team of founders • Scalable product or service • Targets international growth

What is the cost?

Participant fee is NOK 20.000 ex VAT. The program is valued to 120.000 and SIVA will fund 100.000 on behalf of each startup.

What are the selection criteria?

We will consider the commercial potential, scalability and the team of every applicant. We also want startups to demonstrate how they approach sustainability issues. After the application is received, we will conduct interviews to determine eligibility.

How many participants in each cohort?

We will accept 5-10 companies in every cohort to ensure a necessary level of support and resources to each participant. We encourage all eligible startups to apply so that they may be considered for the next cohorts.

Is the program full-time?

Our program is tailored to integrate nicely with your startup journey and the content is not mandatory. We are here to help you accelerate your startup.

How about office space?

Our HQ is at DIGS. However, our program is non-residential, which means you can be seated wherever suits you best, as long as it is in Trondheim. If your interested in an office space at DIGS, contact them at digs.no

What can we expect from the mentors?

The program is mentor driven, and we will match you with one dedicated and relevant expert startup mentor that will get your team up to speed. The 6AM team will stand readily by to help connect you with additional professional partners, like market contacts, technical expertise, relevant investors or other required services.

Will 6AM invest in startups?

We are a non-equity program, meaning we will not ask for equity from our participating startups. We do however have a fund from which we can offer matching capital up to NOK 500 000 to our startups after completion of the program. Investments are made on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed if accepted into the program. It also requires a competent coinvestor.