A six-month program that aims to accelerate the growth of your startup.

The program is tailor made, with a hands-on approach to individual mentoring. It has a high degree of peer-to-peer learning, so you and your fellow entrepreneurs can learn from each other in similar circumstances.

Takeoff: March 16, 2020

Workshop with a group of entrepreneurs January 30.

Photo: Kristoffer Wittrup



Our approach is collaborative and highly rigorous with multiple data sources, so decisions are made with certainty and your time is used efficiently.


First we help you ideate potential innovative growth opportunities and then definitively evaluate what it will take to realistically take advantage of the opportunities. Bringing insights to the table, we determine  what you need to start doing, stop doing and keep doing to attract new customers and embrace new markets.


We encourage a high degree of peer-to-peer learning, so that founders can learn from others in similar circumstances. Mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs and domain experts also plays a significant role.

Who can apply?


  • Pre-Seed and Seed

  • Dedicated team of at least two

  • Scalable product or service

  • Launched, or close to launching, MVP

  • Sustainable business model or technology

Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. During this period we may reach out to learn more about your startup or invite you to an informal meeting. All applicants will be contacted after the deadline.


Questions? Contact Thor Richard Isaksen