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Accelerator and Investor for Tech Founders in Trøndelag

We help first time tech founders go from MVP to raising their pre-seed round.

Sales, financing, legal, company, mentors, network, pitching +++: Welcome to 6AM

 Winter 24 cohort 

Here's how we help founders

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An intensive 6-month program designed to help you raise your pre-seed financing round.

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Gnist Capital

Equity funding

Up to 1 MNOK in pre-seed equity funding. 

More at

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A growing network of founder friendly community offerings such as coworking and events.

More at

Chosen by the founders of

The Accelerator Program


startups accelerated since 2020...

...working within energy, construction, property management, logistics, gaming, health, VR, robotics, marketing, B2B, B2C, software, hardware, and so much more!

At a glance 👀

Duration 6 months

Goal Ready for pre-seed investment

Focus Business development

Location Trondheim (you should be able to attend on-site)

Cost 30k NOK +mva (we're flexible on invoicing)


You'll be assigned a dedicated team mentor from 6AM who'll follow you through the program. We'll also source our network for an external mentor to fit your needs.

Demo Night

The program ends with Demo Night. You're given 5-7m to present your startup in front of founders, investors, and ecosystem players. 


You'll be able to attend frequent workshops during the program. Topics include sales, financing, legal, and more. A member from 6AM will attend to ensure high quality.


We have several workshops dedicated to fundraising strategy, as well as opportunities to present for investors to receive feedback.


We'll give you access to our network of experts, helpers, investors, mentors, alumni, and more. 


We have 40+ startups in our alumni network. You'll meet them at events, co-working places, as mentors, or in our Slack. Don't be shy, they'll happily chat/help you.


Each startup is presented with opportunities to pitch, as well as pitching practice.


You'll be invited to join 6AM's travel delegations to SLUSH, the US, and StartupExtreme. We'll make sure you get the best deal possible on tickets, accom., travel, and company.


This is on us

Provide a dedicated team coach and a mentor who'll follow you through the program

Set up frequent courses and workshops held by curated speakers and experts

Provide access to 6AM's network of founders, investors, potential customers and other ecosystem players

Host social events and meetups
Organize travel groups to SLUSH, StartupExtreme, and (sometimes) USA

This is on you

Make sure that your startup is your #1 priority, along with your health

Have a scalable business modell (such as a SaaS or a digital/physical product to sell)

Make sure the founding team is aligned and motivated
You have convinced at least 1 relevant pilot customer to use your product
The team is able to attend physical meetups in Trondheim during (parts of) the program

Sounds good? 🤝

*Deadline is mid-June for the following FW cohort starting in August, 
and mid-November for the following SS cohort starting in January.

Not quite sure?
That's okay. Let's have a chat.

May-Linda Dybvad Skavhaug

CMO, Woolero

Cohort #4

“6AM's accelerator program provided us in Woolero with a solid boost in relevant expertise and the opportunity to expand our network in the startup ecosystem"

Simon Risanger

Co-Founder & CEO, Versiro

Cohort #4

"Participating in 6AM’s accelerator program was critical for us in Versiro, as two PhD-researchers from NTNU founding a startup for the first time"

Sophie Irgens

Co-Founder & CEO, Arealize

Cohort #3

“6AM helped us navigate the startup landscape and provided access to an incredible network. It’s the perfect place to start growing your business.”

Kent Rønning

CSO, Mia Health

Cohort #5

“6AM provided a supportive environment for us at Mia Health, in addition to relevant workshops and funding through Gnist Capital”

Alumni stories

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