Workshop with entrepreneurs January 30. 

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We understand that each and every startup is unique. There is no such thing as a one size fits all.


That's why our ambition is to offer you an accelerator program with a high level of customization, to ensure that both your time – and ours – is spent as efficiently and expedient as possible.

The program has a high degree of peer-to-peer learning, so you and your fellow entrepreneurs can learn from each other in similar circumstances.

Our expert startup mentors, extensive corporate networks and experienced business developers will help you leverage innovative growth opportunities and identify what it will take to take advantage of them.


Bringing insights to the table, we determine together what you need to start doing, stop doing and keep doing to attract customers, partners or the right investors.

We're now looking for the first ambitious cohort of startups. The bar is high, but if you think you got what it takes, get in touch or apply now!

Who can apply?


  • Early stage, up to pre-seed

  • Dedicated team of founders

  • Scalable product or service

  • Targets international growth

Think you got what it takes?
Think you got what it takes?

Who are we?

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